About Atlanta Legal Experts Radio

We all know that attorneys need as many speaking engagements as possible. Atlanta Legal Experts Radio highlights attorneys and all the great work they do for the community. Atlanta Legal Experts Radio provides a platform where attorneys can share their legal expertise on the radio. The show is in our Buckhead studio at 3355 Lenox Rd. Suite 600 Atlanta, Ga. 30326 and the guests enjoy an “in-studio” experience.  Guests provide a brief bio and the questions for the interview and the host of the show, Emily Rowell, reads them on air for conversation.  The show becomes a recording for the guests to share their story indefinitely.

The benefits of being a guest on Atlanta Legal Experts Radio include:

  • Your interview reaches our listening audience. Many of our past guests have come back saying a prospect listened to their interview and called explaining that the attorney sounded like he knew what he was talking about.
  • Make connections with the other guests.
  • Networking events for attorneys where you can meet qualified referral partners.
  • A page on the AtlantaLegalExperts.com website where clients can listen to your interview.
  • A backlink on AtlantaLegalExperts.com that connects to your website. High quality backlinks to your site help with SEO an organic search results.
  • Access to a high quality MP3 sound file of your interview.

Additional Methods to Get the Most From an Interview On Atlanta Legal Experts Radio

  • Share in your company’s email newsletter.
  • Add a link to your email signature.
  • Issue a press release about your interview.
  • Feature in your blog post or on industry blogs.
  • Copy your interview on a CD and share with clients/prospects.
  • Share the link with prospects to offer solutions.

How to appear as a guest on Atlanta Legal Experts Radio

If you would like to learn more about Atlanta Legal Experts, contact Emily at 404-250-3200 or email her at emily@peachtreeoffices.com or click here to schedule yourself on the show. The show airs every Tuesday morning at 8 AM.  Once you’ve selected the dates, you will complete a form with your biography and questions you’d like to be asked on air.  It’s that simple.  Just show up at our Buckhead studio a few minutes before 8 AM for some pre-studio prep and it’s show time!

About Atlanta Legal Experts Radio Host Emily Rowell

Growing up in Atlanta, Emily was always part of the family business, Peachtree Offices (formerly Crowne Office Suites). She began as receptionist at the age of 18. Peachtree Offices always catered to Attorneys & Professionals in the legal field. In 2008, Emily followed her husband’s career to Mississippi and became an Agent for New York Life. For several years she learned all about the business world & discovered BNI. Emily learned that she is great at networking & loves connecting people to help them succeed. In 2010, Emily became “Agent of the Year” for NYL, Memphis GO.

This successes lead Emily to secure a full time position in Atlanta helping build the Peachtree Offices family business. Helping attorneys connect with referral partners is Emily’s primary focus. The majority of the Peachtree Offies clientele is made up of attorneys. Peachtree Offices helps small/solo practice attorneys achieve the image they need for success. Instead of leasing commercial space, our clients have the option of executive office suites with flexible leases. They can also utilize a virtual office for the image of an office at a fraction of the cost. This gives them a place to meet clients, receive professional live phone answering & prestigious addresses in Atlanta.