Karima Muhammad Mediation Firm

Karima Muhammad started as a community activist for peace in 1988 in New York, as a result of community violence and senseless drive-by teen killings. Many of the children caught in gun-fight cross-fire she knew personally, therefore their deaths were very personal.

In 1994, Ms. Muhammad reached out to a Community Mediation Center located in Staten Island and later that year became a certified mediator. Ms. Muhammad was fundamental in the establishment of satellite mediation centers in high-risk communities on Staten Island. Karima was trained in conflict resolution and mediation in 1994 and began mediating cases as a volunteer with a New York community mediation center.

Although Ms. Muhammad attended law school in 2007, she later discovered that she was more passionate about practicing mediation than law.

In 2009, she trained as a truancy mediator and served as a volunteer Magistrate court mediator from 2009-2012 in South Carolina.  Ms. Muhammad has the honor of being the recipient of the “Mediator Courage” award presented by South Carolina Community Mediation Center Executive Director Beth Padgett.

In 2012, Ms. Muhammad was commissioned by Richland County Family Court CASA as a guardian-ad-litem for abused and neglected children.

Karima has relocated to Georgia and is currently in private practice. Also, Ms. Muhammad is reaffirming her peace mission through Midlands Mediation and Associates LLC to promote a more peaceful and harmonious society for today’s and tomorrow’s children.

Over the years Ms. Muhammad has been credited with thousands of volunteer hours with Magistrate and Family Courts in her career in-spite of the controversy over her being a practicing Muslim-Woman of color that observes traditional Islamic dress code. Karima works with both pro se litigants and represented litigants in personal injury, landlord tenant, divorce, and visitation disputes; as well as faith-based community and domestic matters. Her clients feel confident that she will not only listen to their concerns but act on them effectively. Karima feels her success is totally based on the success of her clients to direct their own outcomes.




  • Principle | The Karima Muhammad Mediation Firm | June 2016-Present
  • Affiliate Marketing Director | TKMF | November 2015-Present
  • Guardian Ad Litem | Richland County Family Court CASA | 2012-2013
  • Independant Associate | Legal Shield Independant Associate | December 2010-Present
  • Mediator | Midlands Mediation and Associates, LLC | March 2008-Present
  • Legal: In-House Mediator | Midlands Neurology and Pain Associates, PA | 2007-2008






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